Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants is a surgical dental process being done by a licensed dentist to patients who have missing teeth due to unfortunate accident or illness, most commonly is tooth decay wherein the patient has a decaying tooth and it needs to be extracted to prevent anymore widespread infection the gum areas. Accidents can also be the reason for the tooth being damaged such as professional athletes, drivers, and kids who are actively playing sports and other outdoor activities. Dental implants are usually made to replace damaged or missing tooths, they are made from hard materials that can match the teeth making them look more natural in the process.

The process usually begins with making sure that the patient has healthy gums to be able to withstand the implant and there are no other health issues such as high blood pressure, and blood infection. The process begins by simply putting a foundation usually made from stainless steel titanium root which would be screwed to the jawbone to keep it secured and tight, next is the placing of the artificial tooth which is usually made from ceramic material making it look more natural, and finally is the securing of the new teeth making sure it’s on the right spot and does not make contact to any parts of the gum.

Nowadays with the advancement of dental technology, the process can now be performed in a matter of minutes and almost all dental clinics are doing dental implants, this dental process has been very popular due to its affordability and it is now a painless procedure. Most patients who prefer to undergo this process are kids and adults who want to have their replaced and renewed giving them more confidence to smile again. The average price for a dental implant can cost between $3000 – $5000 which includes all the necessary tests such as an X-ray, CT scans, consultations, bone grafting, and tooth extraction if necessary. It may be costly for everyone but to attract more patients some dentists have adopted flexible payment plans, others have it covered by dental insurance which makes it more affordable to middle-class patients.

One of the best dental clinics that offer world-class dental service and has the best dentist is the Dentist Montreal, their services include consultation, tooth extraction, dental implants, oral hygiene maintenance, and braces. Overall having a dental implant can be very beneficial to a patient it boosts his/her physical and mental aspects making him/her more confident with interacting socializing with other people and ready to smile without being shy knowing that there is something wrong with his/her teeth.

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